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Automotive shops should use The Challenger CL10V3-2 automotive lifts to service a wider variety of vehicles

In an auto shop or service station, it is mandatory to have hydraulic automotive lifts to elevate vehicles into the air. Having this makes it easy for the auto mechanic to repair and service the vehicle. It also has other benefits like easy and efficient work progression. They are equipped with advanced features to make the work easy. There are many automotive lifts available on the market today. So how do you know which one is best? One of the best automotive lifts available on the market is The Challenger CL10V3-2.

The Challenger CL10V3-2 Automotive Lifts

The Challenger Cl10V3-2 is a dual post versymmetric lift. The versymmetric technology offers 3 stage front and rear arms with much greater lifting flexibility. Furthermore, it is equipped with 2’ extensions and has the power to lift heavy duty weights up to 10000 lbs. It can also lift a wide range of vehicles, from smaller cars to SUVs. Its support for a wide range of vehicles makes it the most popular automotive lift on the market. This also helps automotive shop owners a lot. They won’t have to install separate lifts for different types of vehicles.

CL10 Series Come Standard With

CL10series comes standard with offset 3-stage front arms allowing them to be stowed in an asymmetric lifting position, rear of the front tires. Unlike many automotive lift competitors, when the vehicle is driven through, the front arms are capable of directSPOT™ to the vehicle’s lifting point without having to reposition the vehicle or shuffle back and forth to reach its recommended lift points.

Furthermore, it has a 48” elongated carriage design which decreases the load on bearing. As a result, the bearing lasts longer. This can prove to be quite helpful in reducing the maintenance cost of the lift. CL10series 2 post hydraulic auto lifts provide automotive service shops with the right equipment to service the most vehicles on the road in one single automotive lift. It’s Versymmetric two lifts in one design makes it both a car lift (asymmetric lifting) and a truck lift (symmetric lifting). What’s this really mean? Shops won’t be in a situation where they can’t safely lift a certain vehicle that comes in for service.

More Great Features

These Challenger automotive lifts have even more great features. Like a padded overhead shut off system which prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high. Proves that the company cares about its customers and ensures safety when using their automotive lifts. The Single point mechanical lock release system comes with jacket coated protection and no lock cable pulleys. The double clutch release bar protects the cable from stretching while disengaging both column locks simultaneously. This lift is nowhere deficient in cool safety features. It also has rubber door guards. Their work is to provide extra safety against vehicle door damage.

In conclusion, The Challenger CL10V3-2 is an amazing product with some powerful features. The most important feature is it supports a wide range of vehicles. All these features make it a must-have tool for automotive service and repair stations. Contact Wiley Equipment today for further information on any of our equipment.

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