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Welcome to the (Grease) Gun Show: Your Next Tool

The (grease) gun show is here to make an impact in your workshop. While large, portable air compressors and various tools are highlighted and discussed more frequently, it’s the smaller tools that piece together a workshop. Take the grease gun for example. A grease gun is a common tool in any tool shed or automotive shop. If it’s not, we highly recommended that you add it to your working space. This tool is often overlooked. They forget the importance of this lubricating gun. We work with the best brands in order to provide these in our shop. Balcrank, Alemite and many others manufacture this device that you can purchase straight from our website, hassle-free.

A grease gun is an air-operated gun that allows flow control, various operation options, and an ergonomic grip. Valves can be bought separately to better suit your preferences. Through a tiny aperture, grease is allowed to flow through and be applied to the very specific area you need lubricated. For many shop owners or home garages, this tool can be an essential piece.


There are technically two types of hand-powered grease guns. One forces the grease out with back-pressure built up by hand-cranking the trigger mechanism of the gun. This applies pressure to a spring behind the lubricant and forcing it out. The second one has no trigger mechanism. The grease is forced out by back-pressure, built up by pressing the butt of the grease gun. This pumps a piston through the tool and forces the grease out of the aperture.


Using an air-powered grease gun requires a tube to be connected to the gun to allow for pressurized air to force grease out. It is user-friendly and probably the most purchased next to the battery-powered.


We currently have a battery-powered grease gun available in our online shop. Balcrank manufactures this tool. The most portable option, this comes with a heavy duty carrying case and two high-capacity 18-volt rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

If you’re working in harsh environments, the type of grease gun you get is crucial. Most brands, like the Alemite, produce a high-pressure series that was made specifically for harsh conditions. It is made to be durable and will develop up to 15,000 psi pressure. The gun is also good for dispensing very viscous liquid (usually grease) through the valve. It also contains an extra-long solid lever for maximum leverage.

The (Grease) Gun Show

Lastly, we know it can be overwhelming to shop for the best grease gun. When it comes to adding to your tool collection, we have premium options. Every person has different needs, so we offer a variety of grease guns to help you get the job done. Give your workspace an upgrade and work with the best tools the vehicle service industry has to offer.


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