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Our Most Popular Oil Reel is the Heavy Duty Alemite Brand

With any large purchase, it’s comforting to know that what you’re buying has key qualities. It’s good to know that your money will be spent on something that is durable, reliable, and with optimum performance. This is the case of our most popular oil reel, the Alemite 8078-D Heavy Duty Oil Reel. This heavy duty tool is the missing piece to your shop. And, with four color options, you can match it to your other tools, or make it stand out so that it’s easier to find. Your choice. But, in the case of an oil reel, this should be your first choice. And, it’s available in our shop.

Your New Favorite Oil Reel Features

What’s important to you when you’re looking for an oil reel? How about it working with 95% of all applications? What about coming with a 50-foot oil hose? If those two things are on your list—or even if you didn’t think that far ahead, yet— this Alemite 8078-D oil reel has that included. It’s a whole package. When it comes to working efficiently in your shop or in your garage, there are different things that make life a little easier. That was kept in mind during the engineering of this product. It has an anti-lockout design that eliminates the need for manual release of the pawl when the hose is fully extended. And, sealed bearings prevent contamination and minimize maintenance. That in itself is an appealing factor.

Incredible Design

Alemite has designed this oil reel in a way that is versatile and flexible to your needs. Their sleek design allows you to mount the oil reel on the ceiling, wall, or floor. Additionally, the narrow design allows for efficient use of your space. So, whatever your preference may be, or whatever your space allows, this tool is as flexible as you. For a workspace that is completely yours, this will fit perfectly as a new addition—no need for interrupting the current flow or moving tools around. The Alemite 8078-D can be easily installed. And, with its durable heavy metal arbor design, it can withstand extreme stress. So, no need to be gentle with your new toy.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this new Alemite model has a guide arm with five positions that allow the hose to release at an optimum position. Plus, different versions are made available for oil, air/water, and grease. What more could you want in a product?

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