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Oil Pumps

Air- operated oil Pumps are found in thousands of auto shops throughout the United States. Manufactured by such companies as Alemite, Balcrank, Graco, Lincoln, and others, these pumps are the backbone of the lubrication industry. Typically these pumps will last 5 or more years before needing service to restore them to like-new condition. Given reasonable condition to work in, they can last for many, many years.

The first step in choosing the right oil pump is understanding that oil pumps come in different “strengths”. These strengths are expressed as ratios. The most common are 1:1, 3:1 and 5:1. As ratios increase, the ability of the oil pump to pump greater distances also increases. 1:1 oil pumps will push most oils 50 feet. 3:1 oil pumps will push most oils 100 feet. While 5:1 oil pumps will push most oils 200 feet.

By the way, these distances exclude the oil reels with their various lengths of hose that may be attached at the end of the oil piping. When determining the distance you are pumping ignore the reels as long as you feel that your techs won’t be pumping more than two at the same time. Also, know that lighter oils pump easier than heavier oils. Gear oil often needs a higher ratio oil pump while ATF may not.

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