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Alemite Pumps – Which Kit?

I’m going slightly off-topic for a moment. We get calls asking which kit they need when repairing Alemite Oil Pumps. I’ll focus on the most popular series of Alemite Oil Pumps – the 9900 series.

Produced by Alemite for approximately 20 years, these pumps are easy to overhaul if you take your time and follow the included instructions. Probably the most popular is the Alemite 9968 Oil Pump. A 5:1 Oil Pump, it is the workhorse of the Alemite line. Easy to repair, you can actually repair the air motor while the pump is still in the tank.

So which kit for the Alemite 9968 Oil Pump? It all depends on what your pump is doing or not doing. First, make sure there is oil in the tank deep enough for the pump to suck from. Rags have been known to get sucked up into the lover tube. Second, is your air on and getting to the pump? Sometimes the air regulator fails and the pump won’t operate without air.

After that, we work “down” the pump. If the pump hisses air but doesn’t actually pump then it’s in the upper air motor and you will need the Alemite 393706 kit. By the way, this kit is the most popular. If the pump is “silent” and you have checked the lower end for blockage, it is most likely in the air motor and the 393706 kit is the one you want.

If your Alemite 9968 oil pump is leaking through the little hole underneath the air motor you will need the Alemite 393715 kit. Also if your pump is “pumping” but little or nothing is coming out, it is most likely in the lower end and the Alemite 393715 kit would be the right kit for you.

Hope that helps!

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