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Lift Inspections – Preventive Maintenance – Service

Why Preventive Maintenance?

SMART – Your Auto Lifts allow you to make thousands of dollars every week. A lift out of service results in lost revenue. You need your techs making money, not excuses. Minor repairs and needed adjustments will minimize downtime and major breakdowns.

SAFETY – When you consider that the purpose of an auto lift is to raise thousands of pounds over your head, you realize; Your Auto Lifts Safety Devices Are Essential! Your employees, customers, and OSHA expect you to provide a SAFE working environment. A lift that fails while a customers vehicle is in the air will cost you in repairs to the customer’s vehicle and possibly injure an employee, or worse…

 – As an Owner/Manager you set the standards for your business.
Like a car, Preventive Maintenance increases performance, longevity, and safety of operation.

Call your insurance agent to if they offer discounts for establishing a documented Preventative Maintenance Program for your equipment. Contact Wiley Equipment today to find out more. 1-800-490-5389

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