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Overcoming the Misconceptions of Fluid Management

“Fluid management is not cutting-edge; in fact, it’s been around for 20 plus years. As oils are getting more expensive, and specialty oils are being introduced, parts, service, and facility managers are taking notice and putting more focus on profitability. 

When evaluating the conversion from standard fluid dispense and tracking practices to a fluid management system, some may feel the system is too expensive and therefore cannot be justified. There is also the misconception of time and effort to convert a facility, with the phrase “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” often being uttered. But is this true? Many facilities may feel this way, but are you really able to efficiently and effectively monitor and track your fluids, and is your facility working at its highest profitability level?

If cost or time is the main concern, a phased approach can help alleviate the initial sticker shock. “