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Discover Best Practices For Waste Oil Management

Waste Oil Equipment

Proper management of waste oil, used oil that now contains chemical or physical impurities, has never been more important. Each year, Americans use nearly 1.3 billion gallons of motor oil, but less than half is reprocessed by recyclers. Oil spills can cost businesses or municipalities at least $20,000 for cleanup and fines levied by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plus state or local agencies

Clean water is increasingly viewed as one of our most precious natural resources, yet used motor oil is the largest single source of oil pollution in our lakes, rivers and streams. It takes only one quart of oil to pollute ground or surface water sources and make 250,000 gallons of water unfit for drinking. Removing oil from a vehicle and placing it in a bulk storage tank sounds easy, yet spills can and do occur all too often. Some spills result when waste oil is added to an already full bulk oil tank that no one knew had reached capacity.

Steps For Proper Disposal Of Waste Oil

  • Carefully drain engine oil into a barrel with a capture funnel or drain cart.
  • Use a good-quality pump, hose and control valve system to pump the waste oil from the barrel or drain cart directly into a bulk waste oil tank.
  • Always use separate containers and pump systems for waste oil and antifreeze to prevent them from being contaminated. Clearly label each.
  • Use an automatic tank level monitoring system to prevent the bulk waste oil tank from reaching capacity and possibly overflowing. Look for a pump system that automatically shuts off when the tank is full to prevent overflow accidents.
  • Be prepared for a potential waste oil spill by having absorbent materials on hand to promptly contain and clean up any spills that occur.
  • Train employees and communicate the importance of safe waste oil handling best practices to help prevent oil spills and ensure a safer work environment. It’s more important than ever to carefully capture and properly transport every drop of waste oil in fleet maintenance facilities. The consequences of not doing so are steep fines, polluted surface and ground water, and potentially a damaged reputation for the company or municipality involved in an oil spill.

If you have questions or need more information on pumps, drain carts or bulk waste oil tank monitoring systems, contact Wiley Equipment today. 1-310-640-9093
Waste Oil Equipment


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Our Most Popular Oil Reel is the Heavy Duty Alemite Brand

With any large purchase, it’s comforting to know that what you’re buying has key qualities. It’s good to know that your money will be spent on something that is durable, reliable, and with optimum performance. This is the case of our most popular oil reel, the Alemite 8078-D Heavy Duty Oil Reel. This heavy duty tool is the missing piece to your shop. And, with four color options, you can match it to your other tools, or make it stand out so that it’s easier to find. Your choice. But, in the case of an oil reel, this should be your first choice. And, it’s available in our shop.

Your New Favorite Oil Reel Features

What’s important to you when you’re looking for an oil reel? How about it working with 95% of all applications? What about coming with a 50-foot oil hose? If those two things are on your list—or even if you didn’t think that far ahead, yet— this Alemite 8078-D oil reel has that included. It’s a whole package. When it comes to working efficiently in your shop or in your garage, there are different things that make life a little easier. That was kept in mind during the engineering of this product. It has an anti-lockout design that eliminates the need for manual release of the pawl when the hose is fully extended. And, sealed bearings prevent contamination and minimize maintenance. That in itself is an appealing factor.

Incredible Design

Alemite has designed this oil reel in a way that is versatile and flexible to your needs. Their sleek design allows you to mount the oil reel on the ceiling, wall, or floor. Additionally, the narrow design allows for efficient use of your space. So, whatever your preference may be, or whatever your space allows, this tool is as flexible as you. For a workspace that is completely yours, this will fit perfectly as a new addition—no need for interrupting the current flow or moving tools around. The Alemite 8078-D can be easily installed. And, with its durable heavy metal arbor design, it can withstand extreme stress. So, no need to be gentle with your new toy.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this new Alemite model has a guide arm with five positions that allow the hose to release at an optimum position. Plus, different versions are made available for oil, air/water, and grease. What more could you want in a product?

When you need a tool or product to make your garage work more efficient, look no further than Wiley Equipment. We keep our online store stocked with essentials and brand names that you can trust. We care about quality and the results that will come from the products we sell. Visit us online to browse all of our amazing products.  

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Recommended Product: GRACO Coolant King Used Antifreeze Receiver

Keeping cars at a safe and regulated temperature is key to maintaining a car’s longevity. That’s why our recommended product is the GRACO Coolant King 248632 Used Antifreeze Receiver in 25 gallons. It has a great, affordable price ($584.50) and will be something that your high-volume shop will need.

The GRACO Attributes

For anyone buying machines and tools for their shop, you want to make sure that the product is going to be beneficial. You want to make sure that it’s not a product that has a lot of hype around it, but no actual need in your shop. So, when you’re shopping around and able to purchase something that will ease the work in your high-volume garage, it’s good to know what exactly you’re buying. The 25 gallons allow for your high-volume use. The green tank will surely stand out amongst the rest of your steel or black metal tools. The oversized wheels will allow you to move it across uneven surfaces without feeling any of the bumps. The receiver also has a large collection pan for easy use. And, a removable filter screen prevents any unwanted debris from entering the tank—an important feature.

Draining Antifreeze — Why buy this recommended product?

There are still a lot of people out there that will perform their own antifreeze draining. But, it’s a tricky and time-consuming thing if it’s your first time. And, the details matter. How much coolant to replace and what kind of coolant you’re using are important factors. So, taking it to a shop where professionals can easily get it done is ideal. There, your antifreeze can be drained and replaced with ease. More notably, there’s no risk for something going wrong with your vehicle when it’s left to the hands of someone that’s made a living as a mechanic. So many car owners still rely on a shop. Therefore, a 25 gallon antifreeze receiver  is a  recommended product for your shop.

At Wiley Equipment we want to provide the best products and tools that you’ll be using (mostly) on a daily basis. And, we’ve made sure that the brands we sell are the best in the industry so that you’re buying a durable product. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, we understand the importance. After all, this is what gets you from Point A to Point B. And, if you’re a shop owner, you’re acutely aware of the service you provide so that vehicle owners can safely get through their busy lives as well.

Go ahead and shop all of our great products online.

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Put This in Your Shopping Cart: The Balcrank Diaphragm Pump

If you’re looking for a gift this holiday season—even if it’s for yourself—then the Balcrank Diaphragm Pump from our online store is a great option. Specifically, the Balcrank 1120-024 CF30 1” Aluminum Double Diaphragm Pump. When it comes to durable, trusted brands, Balcrank has been a top contender. We only want you to have the best, hence, we only offer the best. So, for this holiday season, or for any time of the year, may we interest you in this special Balcrank Aluminum Double Diaphragm Pump.


What upgrades does the Balcrank Diaphragm Pump have?

For starters, this Balcrank pump has new patented technology called CenterFlo. This features a reversed air/fluid design, compared to conventional diaphragm pumps. There is less air consumption and less pulsation throughout the performance. Since the fluid path flows through the center of the pump, with the air motor to the outside, the suction and performance have been improved. This advanced technology translates to superior performance and low maintenance, something everyone can appreciate.


What other improvements can you expect?

When you’re investing over $400 in a product, you want to know that your money is being spent well. This 1120-024 CF30 1” model gives you a lot of improvements to think about when you’re making your purchase. Since you’ll be using this a lot in your shop or garage, it’s important to note that this pump has a dependable lube-free directional pivot air valve that starts up every time. It’s tolerant of oil, moisture, and dirt and does not leak air when the pump is stalled against head pressure of the system. The reduced air consumption per gallon pumped also saves energy and avoids the need to use a larger compressor.


What advantages are there?

This diaphragm pump discharges fluids up to 28 gpm at 100 psi, in order to pump light to medium viscosity fluids. And, there are no rotating shafts or seals as found on electric pumps. Another great thing about this pump is that its on-demand operation requires no switches or extra components. And—notably—there are no electrical safety concerns.


During the holidays, the posed question, “What would you like,” usually leaves us blank. But, don’t forget about this tool! Since it provides superior performance with advanced technology (and it’s low maintenance) it’s the perfect item to add to your cart or have your loved one get for you.


Visit us online today to get shopping and add this gem to your collection. 

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Product Spotlight: The GRACO 246775 3:1 Fire-Ball Universal Oil Pump

Under our “Fluid Handling” tab on our online shop, you will find a lot of great brands and products. These products and tools listed have been chosen by us to sell because they are top-of-the-line. The product spotlight right now is on the GRACO 246775 3:1 Fire-Ball Universal Oil Pump. This is a very popular mini Fire-Ball that is a stub-style universal oil pump. And, with GRACO, you’re also getting a trusted brand.

Features and Benefits

When you’re handling oil, or any other liquid for your vehicle, it’s pertinent that the tools you use are of high quality and have certain features. This model contains a double-acting pump that provides reliable fluid flow. Hence, this makes it a great choice for heavy-duty dealerships and fast lube centers. The in-line design was also crafted with fewer parts for less pump wear. This translates to you keeping this tool for longer and getting a great product for your buck. And, the differential air motor ensures smooth pumping. No hesitations or stutters with this tool.

Who’s using the universal oil pump?

Because of its popularity, everyone is getting their hands on this GRACO 246775 3:1 Fire-Ball Universal Oil Pump. The owners and product uses are versatile and many. If you are in need of a tool to conduct lubricant transfers, this tool is highly recommended. This is just one of the typical applications for the universal oil pump. As mentioned before, heavy-duty dealerships are also benefiting from this. When you have a high volume of customers coming in, you want a tool that is going to work with you and work efficiently. This is why fleet services facilities are also in need of this, and any other service shop. And, if you’ve got lube trucks, this tool should also be in your possession.

An Extension

If you’re looking to make this available for shorter distances, we also carry a 222308 bung adapter and down tube as an extra. It’s an easy-to-use adapter that will make your life run smoother if you need it for shorter distances.


You can find a lot of great things in our online shop. Whether you need a universal oil pump or a smaller part, we carry the best brands that you can get your hands on—like this GRACO product. Get one for your shop or garage today!


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Do You Even Lift, Man? We’ve Got Lifting Equipment for Your Car

It’s time for that special piece of equipment for your garage or business. We’re talking about getting a lift so that you can work on your vehicles with ease. Gone are the days of squeezing under a vehicle and shimmying out. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to work more efficiently. If you’re starting your own shop, a lift is a key tool to invest in. Not only will it save you time, but you’ll be able to make more money and work on more cars. With lifting equipment manufactured by top brands, you can search our shop and see which one works for you and your space.

Establishing Need

First, what do you need your lift for? Once you know what you’ll be doing with your lift and how often you’ll be using it, you can make an educated decision on what type of lift to purchase. Some may only need something to give your vehicle a slight height. You can quickly facilitate oil changes, and polish your car. Answering this question will determine whether you need a two post or a four post lift. Or, maybe it’ll expose the fact that you just really want this new toy and really just need a jack in your life. Either way, we’re here for you.

2 Post Lifting Equipment

A two post lift caters to a lot of your maintenance needs for your vehicle. This type of lift will act as a hammock; the tires will be in the air supported by nothing. If you’re on a budget or just want the flexibility of doing a variety of repairs, this is a great option. Keep in mind that this type of lift must be anchored to the ground, so if you’re planning on moving it around, maybe think of the hassle.

4 Post Lifting Equipment

If the two post lift was a hammock, then this is a bed. The four post lift gives your vehicle complete support. This type is easier to load your vehicle onto and it has a portable and fixed location option. If you need some more height, this will also be the better option for you.

Measure Up

Secondly, measure the space that you’ll be utilizing. Your garage may seem roomy, but the reality might not be enough to house a lift comfortably. The last thing you need is a car compressed by the ceiling in your home. And, to spend money and time on something that doesn’t work for you. In this case, you’re going to want something that is at least 11 to 12 feet.


Next, it’s time to head over to our online shop and get some lifting equipment delivered straight to your door. With great brands like Bendpak, Challenger and Norco—just to name a few—your only next question should be, when would you like to order?

Get more work done and treat yourself to a lift. See what you can get here.

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Welcome to the (Grease) Gun Show: Your Next Tool

The (grease) gun show is here to make an impact in your workshop. While large, portable air compressors and various tools are highlighted and discussed more frequently, it’s the smaller tools that piece together a workshop. Take the grease gun for example. A grease gun is a common tool in any tool shed or automotive shop. If it’s not, we highly recommended that you add it to your working space. This tool is often overlooked. They forget the importance of this lubricating gun. We work with the best brands in order to provide these in our shop. Balcrank, Alemite and many others manufacture this device that you can purchase straight from our website, hassle-free.

A grease gun is an air-operated gun that allows flow control, various operation options, and an ergonomic grip. Valves can be bought separately to better suit your preferences. Through a tiny aperture, grease is allowed to flow through and be applied to the very specific area you need lubricated. For many shop owners or home garages, this tool can be an essential piece.


There are technically two types of hand-powered grease guns. One forces the grease out with back-pressure built up by hand-cranking the trigger mechanism of the gun. This applies pressure to a spring behind the lubricant and forcing it out. The second one has no trigger mechanism. The grease is forced out by back-pressure, built up by pressing the butt of the grease gun. This pumps a piston through the tool and forces the grease out of the aperture.


Using an air-powered grease gun requires a tube to be connected to the gun to allow for pressurized air to force grease out. It is user-friendly and probably the most purchased next to the battery-powered.


We currently have a battery-powered grease gun available in our online shop. Balcrank manufactures this tool. The most portable option, this comes with a heavy duty carrying case and two high-capacity 18-volt rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

If you’re working in harsh environments, the type of grease gun you get is crucial. Most brands, like the Alemite, produce a high-pressure series that was made specifically for harsh conditions. It is made to be durable and will develop up to 15,000 psi pressure. The gun is also good for dispensing very viscous liquid (usually grease) through the valve. It also contains an extra-long solid lever for maximum leverage.

The (Grease) Gun Show

Lastly, we know it can be overwhelming to shop for the best grease gun. When it comes to adding to your tool collection, we have premium options. Every person has different needs, so we offer a variety of grease guns to help you get the job done. Give your workspace an upgrade and work with the best tools the vehicle service industry has to offer.


Don’t see the product you want? Call us toll-free 1-800-490-5389.

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Automotive shops should use The Challenger CL10V3-2 automotive lifts to service a wider variety of vehicles

In an auto shop or service station, it is mandatory to have hydraulic automotive lifts to elevate vehicles into the air. Having this makes it easy for the auto mechanic to repair and service the vehicle. It also has other benefits like easy and efficient work progression. They are equipped with advanced features to make the work easy. There are many automotive lifts available on the market today. So how do you know which one is best? One of the best automotive lifts available on the market is The Challenger CL10V3-2.

The Challenger CL10V3-2 Automotive Lifts

The Challenger Cl10V3-2 is a dual post versymmetric lift. The versymmetric technology offers 3 stage front and rear arms with much greater lifting flexibility. Furthermore, it is equipped with 2’ extensions and has the power to lift heavy duty weights up to 10000 lbs. It can also lift a wide range of vehicles, from smaller cars to SUVs. Its support for a wide range of vehicles makes it the most popular automotive lift on the market. This also helps automotive shop owners a lot. They won’t have to install separate lifts for different types of vehicles.

CL10 Series Come Standard With

CL10series comes standard with offset 3-stage front arms allowing them to be stowed in an asymmetric lifting position, rear of the front tires. Unlike many automotive lift competitors, when the vehicle is driven through, the front arms are capable of directSPOT™ to the vehicle’s lifting point without having to reposition the vehicle or shuffle back and forth to reach its recommended lift points.

Furthermore, it has a 48” elongated carriage design which decreases the load on bearing. As a result, the bearing lasts longer. This can prove to be quite helpful in reducing the maintenance cost of the lift. CL10series 2 post hydraulic auto lifts provide automotive service shops with the right equipment to service the most vehicles on the road in one single automotive lift. It’s Versymmetric two lifts in one design makes it both a car lift (asymmetric lifting) and a truck lift (symmetric lifting). What’s this really mean? Shops won’t be in a situation where they can’t safely lift a certain vehicle that comes in for service.

More Great Features

These Challenger automotive lifts have even more great features. Like a padded overhead shut off system which prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high. Proves that the company cares about its customers and ensures safety when using their automotive lifts. The Single point mechanical lock release system comes with jacket coated protection and no lock cable pulleys. The double clutch release bar protects the cable from stretching while disengaging both column locks simultaneously. This lift is nowhere deficient in cool safety features. It also has rubber door guards. Their work is to provide extra safety against vehicle door damage.

In conclusion, The Challenger CL10V3-2 is an amazing product with some powerful features. The most important feature is it supports a wide range of vehicles. All these features make it a must-have tool for automotive service and repair stations. Contact Wiley Equipment today for further information on any of our equipment.