Champion CHX200-RL Flow Controller, Right to Left


Champion: CHX200-RL 1″ NPT, System Flow Controller, Right to Left, 200SCFM

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Champion: CHX200-RL, System Flow Controller


  1. Designed for regulating air to an entire shop and simply better than any other air regulator we offer.
    1. Typical regulators restrict air flow resulting in lower CFM and wasted energy.  The CHX will maintain CFM flow despite change in demand.  Max: 200SCFM
    2. Can adjust output to 160psi.  Other regulators max output is 125psi.
  2. Will pay for itself.
    1. Electricity saved from a lower shop pressure will pay you back in saved electricity costs.
  3. Will not allow shop air to rise above a set point.
  4. Right to Left air flow (Left to Right also available)

What is the CHX System Flow Controller?

The CHX Series is a balanced flow controller that provides an economical and reliable single point of control when it comes to controlling the air pressure delivered to your operation. Opposed to a simple regulator that cannot deliver air volume above its set point, the CHX Series is designed to recognize and react to an increase in flow demand.

Why use a CHX System Flow Controller?

Regardless of the care that is taken when an air system is designed and installed, it is still going to have leaks and waste. When the working pressure delivered to the system is reduced, the volume of air lost to those leaks and waste is dramatically reduced. The reduction of lost air results in less run time for an air compressor, which increases the life of your compressor. The lower power consumption and decreased maintenance costs associated with less air compressor run time are direct improvements to the bottom line.

CHX Savings Example: The 10/7 Equation

Reducing plant pressure by 10 psi results in a 7% energy consumption reduction. Installing a CHX controller, along with adequate compressed air storage, allows compressed air to be stored at a higher pressure while delivering consistent, low- pressure air to your operation.  A 15 HP compressor running 3,000 hours per year at $0.10 per kW = $3,300 annual power consumption.
Champion CHX Flow Controller Savings

Payback Calculator

Enter the details of your compressor below to see how much a CHX Controller can save you in electricty costs alone.

Hp - Horsepower of Compressor.
Hours - Number of Hours Per Day Compressor is in operation.
Days - Number of Days Per Week Compressor is in operation.
Psi - Max Compressor Pressure.
Psi - Desired Shop Pressure.
$ - Cost of Electricity(cents/kW Hour).



  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Nitrile seals for high level of chemical resistance
  • Single powder-coated steel chassis through product range for consistent footprint and enhanced durability
  • NPT threads allow unit to connect easily into new or existing piping systems
  • Tamper proof dial centrally located for quick adjustment and easy calibration
  • Balanced valve design provides immediate response to changes in air demand
  • Glycol filled, dual stainless steel gauge design for easy inlet and outlet pressure readings
  • Can be mounted directly to the wall or on your threaded air line
  • Will bleed air if air pressure in piping rises above the set point(on output side of flow controller)


  • 1″ NPT(F)
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 300 PSIG
  • Output Control Range: 0-160 PSIG
  • Max Air Flow: 200 CFM
  • Max Operating Temp Range: -4 to 176° F
  • Sensitivity: 0.2% of full span
  • Repeatability: ± 0.5% of full span
  • Right to Left air flow(Not field reversible)


A = 8.11″
B = 7.28″
C = 8.57″
D = 7.36″
E = 2.21″

CHX Selection Guide

Enter the horsepower of your air compressor:

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 6.107 × 6.107 × 7.107 in

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