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Put This in Your Shopping Cart: The Balcrank Diaphragm Pump

If you’re looking for a gift this holiday season—even if it’s for yourself—then the Balcrank Diaphragm Pump from our online store is a great option. Specifically, the Balcrank 1120-024 CF30 1” Aluminum Double Diaphragm Pump. When it comes to durable, trusted brands, Balcrank has been a top contender. We only want you to have the best, hence, we only offer the best. So, for this holiday season, or for any time of the year, may we interest you in this special Balcrank Aluminum Double Diaphragm Pump.


What upgrades does the Balcrank Diaphragm Pump have?

For starters, this Balcrank pump has new patented technology called CenterFlo. This features a reversed air/fluid design, compared to conventional diaphragm pumps. There is less air consumption and less pulsation throughout the performance. Since the fluid path flows through the center of the pump, with the air motor to the outside, the suction and performance have been improved. This advanced technology translates to superior performance and low maintenance, something everyone can appreciate.


What other improvements can you expect?

When you’re investing over $400 in a product, you want to know that your money is being spent well. This 1120-024 CF30 1” model gives you a lot of improvements to think about when you’re making your purchase. Since you’ll be using this a lot in your shop or garage, it’s important to note that this pump has a dependable lube-free directional pivot air valve that starts up every time. It’s tolerant of oil, moisture, and dirt and does not leak air when the pump is stalled against head pressure of the system. The reduced air consumption per gallon pumped also saves energy and avoids the need to use a larger compressor.


What advantages are there?

This diaphragm pump discharges fluids up to 28 gpm at 100 psi, in order to pump light to medium viscosity fluids. And, there are no rotating shafts or seals as found on electric pumps. Another great thing about this pump is that its on-demand operation requires no switches or extra components. And—notably—there are no electrical safety concerns.


During the holidays, the posed question, “What would you like,” usually leaves us blank. But, don’t forget about this tool! Since it provides superior performance with advanced technology (and it’s low maintenance) it’s the perfect item to add to your cart or have your loved one get for you.


Visit us online today to get shopping and add this gem to your collection.