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Recommended Product: GRACO Coolant King Used Antifreeze Receiver

Keeping cars at a safe and regulated temperature is key to maintaining a car’s longevity. That’s why our recommended product is the GRACO Coolant King 248632 Used Antifreeze Receiver in 25 gallons. It has a great, affordable price ($584.50) and will be something that your high-volume shop will need.

The GRACO Attributes

For anyone buying machines and tools for their shop, you want to make sure that the product is going to be beneficial. You want to make sure that it’s not a product that has a lot of hype around it, but no actual need in your shop. So, when you’re shopping around and able to purchase something that will ease the work in your high-volume garage, it’s good to know what exactly you’re buying. The 25 gallons allow for your high-volume use. The green tank will surely stand out amongst the rest of your steel or black metal tools. The oversized wheels will allow you to move it across uneven surfaces without feeling any of the bumps. The receiver also has a large collection pan for easy use. And, a removable filter screen prevents any unwanted debris from entering the tank—an important feature.

Draining Antifreeze — Why buy this recommended product?

There are still a lot of people out there that will perform their own antifreeze draining. But, it’s a tricky and time-consuming thing if it’s your first time. And, the details matter. How much coolant to replace and what kind of coolant you’re using are important factors. So, taking it to a shop where professionals can easily get it done is ideal. There, your antifreeze can be drained and replaced with ease. More notably, there’s no risk for something going wrong with your vehicle when it’s left to the hands of someone that’s made a living as a mechanic. So many car owners still rely on a shop. Therefore, a 25 gallon antifreeze receiver  is a  recommended product for your shop.

At Wiley Equipment we want to provide the best products and tools that you’ll be using (mostly) on a daily basis. And, we’ve made sure that the brands we sell are the best in the industry so that you’re buying a durable product. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, we understand the importance. After all, this is what gets you from Point A to Point B. And, if you’re a shop owner, you’re acutely aware of the service you provide so that vehicle owners can safely get through their busy lives as well.

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