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Product Spotlight: The GRACO 246775 3:1 Fire-Ball Universal Oil Pump

Under our “Fluid Handling” tab on our online shop, you will find a lot of great brands and products. These products and tools listed have been chosen by us to sell because they are top-of-the-line. The product spotlight right now is on the GRACO 246775 3:1 Fire-Ball Universal Oil Pump. This is a very popular mini Fire-Ball that is a stub-style universal oil pump. And, with GRACO, you’re also getting a trusted brand.

Features and Benefits

When you’re handling oil, or any other liquid for your vehicle, it’s pertinent that the tools you use are of high quality and have certain features. This model contains a double-acting pump that provides reliable fluid flow. Hence, this makes it a great choice for heavy-duty dealerships and fast lube centers. The in-line design was also crafted with fewer parts for less pump wear. This translates to you keeping this tool for longer and getting a great product for your buck. And, the differential air motor ensures smooth pumping. No hesitations or stutters with this tool.

Who’s using the universal oil pump?

Because of its popularity, everyone is getting their hands on this GRACO 246775 3:1 Fire-Ball Universal Oil Pump. The owners and product uses are versatile and many. If you are in need of a tool to conduct lubricant transfers, this tool is highly recommended. This is just one of the typical applications for the universal oil pump. As mentioned before, heavy-duty dealerships are also benefiting from this. When you have a high volume of customers coming in, you want a tool that is going to work with you and work efficiently. This is why fleet services facilities are also in need of this, and any other service shop. And, if you’ve got lube trucks, this tool should also be in your possession.

An Extension

If you’re looking to make this available for shorter distances, we also carry a 222308 bung adapter and down tube as an extra. It’s an easy-to-use adapter that will make your life run smoother if you need it for shorter distances.


You can find a lot of great things in our online shop. Whether you need a universal oil pump or a smaller part, we carry the best brands that you can get your hands on—like this GRACO product. Get one for your shop or garage today!